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what's a "morluski?"

How we got our name

When Jeannine Morlacci’s father-in-law, Domenico, first arrived in Kaisertown with his best buddy who was Polish, South Buffalo from Italy, and began handing out his "Morlacci Construction" business cards, the Polish community members were confused. They couldn’t pronounce his last name. Perhaps he wasn't Polish?

"Ah," he’d explain, "An unfortunate mistake — the card should read Morluski," he'd say with a wink. And eventually they welcomed him as their own. Though Domenico would always come clean in the end and shared veggies from his family garden, "Morlacci Construction" served as a good tool to help his neighbors become customers and friends.


Domenico Morlacci passed away in 2009. Jeannine, from a Polish family herself, honors her father-in-law by naming this restaurant in the spirit of Domenico's ingenuity. His infectious laughter, work ethic and love of family, friends and food live on through "Morluski's."

Local partners matter to us.

We are small business owners. In addition to Morluski's, we own and operate Ms. Jean's Child Care in Akron, Attica and Warsaw. 


We believe that small business owners and local farmers are the heart of what makes our community and our country so special. We buy local whenever possible, even if it costs a little more. 

If you are a local Farm or Business, We would love to COLLABORATE with you! So please give us a call 

 716-407-3238 ask for Jeannine Morlacci - Owner


Below are just a few of the businesses that we partner with and believe in:


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